Kaper Kidz

Wooden Radish Farm Memory Game


This delightful wooden and felt Radish memory game from Kaper Kidz is a great first game for young children. Children learn to develop memory, cooperation and fine motor skills with this beautiful game that can be played in different ways.

Simply place the radishes in the felt, letting their leaves stick out. Next, pick a card. Take in turns to try and match the corresponding radishes to the pictures on your card. The winner is the first person to correctly match all of the radishes on their card.

Or, play the game like a traditional memory game. Take in turns to pull up two radishes at a time. If they match, you get to take them out of the board and have another turn. If they don't match, put them back where you found them and the next player gets a turn. the game ends when the board is empty and all the radishes have been matched, the winner is the person with the most radishes.

Each wooden and felt Radish Memory Game from Kaper Kidz is made from synthetic felt and timber, finished to the highest quality and painted in child safe, non toxic paint.

Wooden tray size approx. 20.5cmL x 20.5cmW x 4.5cmH. Rabbit size approx. 4.5cmL x  5.5cmH x 1cm. Product weighs approx 360g, with packaging 520g

Age Recommendation: 3+

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