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The Reindeer Feeder


Who feeds the reindeer while Santa delivers the presents? The Shrumann, Santa’s official Reindeer Feeders!

The Shrumann (short for ‘shrunken human’) species have gone unnoticed, for centuries, by the human race! Based in the tiny snow village of Shrumavia high up in the mountains of Lapland, Shrumann’s or The Reindeer Feeders as referred to by Santa, are the some of the hardest and most dedicated workers there are!

They’re very proud of the work they do on behalf of the reindeer and how much care they give to these beautiful creatures all year round! The reindeer are also from Shrumavia, meaning they and the Reindeer Feeders have formed a very close bond.

Santa Claus, the elves and the reindeer are so popular all over the world and now it is time for the Reindeer Feeders to have their moment to shine! This Christmas they are coming to human homes all over the world! Their job is to bring Christmas spirit and joy to their chosen human families and on Christmas Eve Santa relies on the Shrumann to make sure that all the humans are asleep, so he can visit in secret.

Once Santa arrives to deliver his gifts, the Reindeer Feeder pops up the chimney or out the window to the roof where he feeds the reindeer from his Reindeer Feeder Sack (which all humans must fill with carrots or reindeer food on Christmas Eve before bedtime) and they will also groom the reindeer to make sure they’re ready to fly to the next house.


Included inside your Reindeer Feeder pack is your very own Reindeer Feeder, Reindeer Feeder Feeding Licence and Sack. Give it a name, then fill out their Feeding Licence so they are ready to begin their important work!

A beautiful Reindeer Feeder book is enclosed – a story all about a Shrumann named Erik who discovers just how important the Reindeer Feeders are to Christmas!

Finally, you will also find a Reindeer Feeder decal inside the box. This must be placed on your window during the Christmas season. This decal acts as a signal to Santa letting him know that a Reindeer Feeder is inside the home and is on hand to help him and the reindeer!


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