Musical Star Projector - Polly the Polar Bear


Polly the Polar Bear is super soft and cute and will help your little one drop off to sleep easily in a calm room with a ceiling full of red, green or blue stars. While watchingteh stars, your child can listen to heartbeat or nature sounds, or lounge music. The music will automatically switch off after 15 minutes and the light after 30 minutes. If you activate the Cry Sensor, it will automatically activate when your child starts crying, which means they will potentially teach them to self-settle and drift back off to sleep without you having to get up and resettle them yourself.

SPECIFICATIONS: 16.50 cm x 12 cm x 20 cm • Child-safe ABS; LED • 2 volume settings • 3 x AA alkaline batteries (not included) • The soft, plush material outer can be washed, after removal of the light module. • ZAZU products are tested according to the international safety regulations

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