Lactivate Peri Bottle


The Lactivate® Peri Bottle helps make postpartum healing cleaner and easier with its ergonomic design that features a narrow angled neck that allows you to clean yourself easily. Help speed up recovery time and prevent infection after childbirth with this portable bidet that is easy to use.

Daily use for childbirth recovery:

- Dilute urine while urinating to reduce stinging
- Clean perimean and vaginal area after childbirth or during menstruation
- Clean haemorrhoids
- Portable bidet
- Clean c-section woulds

Tip: Pair with the Lactivate Perineal Ice Packs

Care Instructions

Wash peri bottle in warm soapy water.

DO NOT use with hot water.
DO NOT microwave or wash in dishwasher.

Test water temperature before use.

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