Hooki Duo Pram Hook Clip Set - Ivory


The Hooki Pram Hooks are a functional accessory for your pram whilst out and about. Easily attach to any pram's handle using the super strong velcro and gain a much needed extra pair of hands.

Finished in Vegan PU Leather with a strong Matte Black Aluminium Clip Hook, the Hooki Pram Hooks ooze style and sophistication whilst being there to help you with your shopping or lighten your load.


Duo Pram Clip Set = 2 Hooki Pram Hooks in the classic Ivory Vegan Leather.

Designed in Melbourne, Australia, the Original Hooki Pram Hooks are a much needed extra pair of hands when out and about with a pram or stroller.

Capable of holding 5kg per Hooki - that's the equivalent of 35 potatoes each! 

CRAFTED IN PREMIUM MATERIALS: Featuring high quality Vegan PU leather, with super strong velcro fastening each Hooki strap securely fastens in place on any pram handle. The strong Aluminium Matte Black Carabiner Clip is ready to take the load.

CAREFULLY CURATED COLOURS: One colour doesn't suit all. That's why there are a collection of nine colour-ways to match all prams, accessories and tastes. 

FITS ANY PRAM: The beautiful Hooki pram clips easily attach to any pram or stroller. They provide handy extra storage for shopping bags, changing bags or all the other things you have to carry as a parent. 

HELPING THE ENVIRONMENT: The packaging & mailing bags are 100% plastic-free and 100% biodegradable - yippee! Is that a hug from Mother Nature you feel?

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