Chicco Soother - Physio SOFT 2pk (0-6mths)


PhysioForma is the exclusive shape by Chicco that encourages the correct and harmonious development of the mouth and supports your baby's physiological breathing, which is fundamental for growth. 


  • A thin, concave shape that points upwards: leaves room for the natural position of the tongue.
  • Lateral curves: evenly distributes tongue pressure across the palate, allowing it to grow correctly.
  • Special tiny ridges: mimic the natural ridges of the palate, and serve as a point of reference to guide the tongue into the correct position. 
  • The soft and then base allows baby's lips to close naturally.
  • The ventilation holes allows the passage of air and reduces the collection of saliva.

The exclusive shape:

  • Helps with physiological breathing: by keeping the tongue in its natural position.
  • It helps your baby breathe naturally, which is especially important during sleep. 
  • Provides the right stimulus for the development of the mouth and palate. Stimulates the muscles of the mouth and encourages the correct functioning of the tongue. 

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