Chicco Natural Feeling TEAT - 6m+ Fast Flow 2pk


Chicco's Natural Feeling 6m + Fast Flow Teat facilitates the transition from the breast to the bottle, thanks to a specially designed shape, wide and round at the base capable of offering a real "mum effect". 

The Teat Natural Feeling Flow Fast is suitable for infants from 6 months who need a greater and constant flow during feeding. The product is made of special soft silicone and is equipped with a double anti-choke valve that prevents the ingestion of air along with milk, protects the baby from colic and regurgitation.

Elongated Teat with wide base

It promotes the movement of the tongue and swallowing, with the less rounded base promotes the support of the lips of larger babies.

Protection from colic

The double anti-air valve prevents air intake and guarantees maximum protection against colic and re-flux.


Facilitates the transition from breast to bottle. Confirmed by 95% of mothers to be successful.

6m+ Fast flow and feeding stream

Two different streams are available to meet the different needs of the child.

Additional information:

  • Satin textured soft silicone, extra velvet effect for pleasant feeding. 
  • BPA free
  • Made in Italy
  • NaturalFeeling & Wellbeing bottles compatible with the Natural Feeling Manual breast pump and the Wellbeing Manual Breast pump. Wellbeing Breast pump compatible only with adapter ring (bought separately). 

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