Chicco Soother - Physio Micro 2 pk (0-2mths)


The Chicco PhysioForma Micrò 0-2m soother is specifically designed for the first two months of a newborn's life.

The Chicco PhysioForma Micrò 0-2m silicone soother, thanks to its exclusive shape, favours the correct development of the mouth and helps to position the tongue forward, supporting physiological breathing.

Chicco PhysioForma Micrò 0-2m is made of silicone, a material chosen for its practicality, hygienic and non-deformable. The exclusive SOFT SENSE finish makes it soft and velvety.

Small and Light

Small: designed for the baby's mouth
Lightweight: Easier to hold in the baby's mouth
Ergonomic Design: Leaves baby's nose and chin free
Breathable: The Large ventilation holes ensure the perspiration of the skin.

Mini Teat

Small, for the little ones. The mini teat is perfect for babies up to 2 months old.

Simple to grasp

Easy to grasp thanks to the shape of the button

Supports physiological breathing

PhysioForma is the exclusive design of Chicco soothers which, by promoting the functions of the tongue, acts in the harmonious development of the mouth and supports the physiological breathing of your baby.

PhysioForma was born from the collaboration between Orthidintists, Pediatricians and the Chicco Observatory and is the result of continuous tests to support its scientific validity. 

Practical Sterilizing case

The Chicco Micro Soothers come in a practical case that you can use to sterilize your soothers on the go. Simply add water, pop in the microwave for 3 minutes, eliminating 99.9% of harmful household germs.

To sterilise simply:

  • Fill with water to the indicated level, put the soothers in the package and close it.
  • Place in the microwave for 3 minutes at 750 Watts.

ATTENTION: the sterilizing package, the soothers and the water will be hot. Wait until they have cooled down before touching them.

**Please note that designs vary and are random, you are only able to select boy designs or girl designs and not specific designs in the 2pk.

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