MISSTA Baby Thermo Bottle


Formula Feeding Thermos Bottle
Missta is a stylish 750ml/25oz insulated bottle that keeps sterilised water warm for up to 12hrs. With an inbuilt temperature light indicator located in the lid, Missta lets you know whether the water is at a safe serving temperature to mix with formula when feeding infants. 

Missta is designed to make home life, overnights, travelling and leaving the house with a formula fed baby easy, it also gives confidence to new parents, family and friends who may assist you on your formula feeding journey. 

  • Large 750ml/25oz bottle for multiple feeds
  • Keeps sterilised water warm for 12 hours
  • Inbuilt safety light indicator to ensure safe serving temperature
  • Easy for the whole family to use
  • Great for travel
  • Perfect for at home or on the go
  • Easy for overnight feeds

Formula Feeding Thermos Bottle + Drink Bottle Lid

Our Missta bottle can be transformed into a stylish drink bottle once your feeding journey has finished with our Basic Missta Lid which is included.

Blue Light: Water temperature is below 25°C (below room temp)

Green Light: Water temperature is between 25–45°C* which is a safe serving temperature to serve to infants

Red Light: Water temperature is above 45°C and may be too hot to serve to a baby



1. Fill Missta bottle with sterilised warm water.

2. Tip bottle upside down for 2 seconds to obtain a temperature reading.

3. While the bottle is upside down, press the ‘M’ button located on the top of the lid.

4. The light will display the serving temperature indication.



Add 500ml (2 cups/16oz) of completely cooled sterilised water plus 250ml (1 cup/8oz) boiling water. ALWAYS follow the instructions on your formula container to make a fresh bottle and check the formula mixture from the baby’s bottle on your wrist before feeding your infant.

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