Gummee Glove - Turquoise


Gummee Glove Teething Mitten

The Gummee Glove is a teething glove for babies needing relief from teething pain.  As parents, it is heart-wrenching to witness your child in pain when there isn’t much you can do for them. It has been designed specifically for babies experiencing teething pain and are too young to have fine motor skills and the strength to hold teething toys.

The Gummee Glove helps give comfort to your child (and you) while it soothes sore and inflamed gums and protects your babie’s little hands.

  • Detachable silicone heart-shaped teething ring for easy heat sterilising & refrigerating.
  • Travel bag which doubles up as a laundry bag for easy machine washing.
  • Various biteable silicone teethers with easily accessible positioning for baby.
  • Adjustable velcro closure to fit most babies.

Water filled teething rings  can only be cold water sterilised with a sterilising solution. Silicone rings like this one can be sterilised using any conventional method.


A great feature of the Gummee Glove  is that it wont be dropped on the floor, or thrown from the pram as the adjustable Velcro closure secures the mitten safely to baby’s hand. Your child be more content and you won’t be tirelessly sterilising teethers.


The Gummee Glove has several different textures by the various tags to assist in expanding your childs visual and auditory senses. It will also raise awareness of cause and effect with the crinkly noises made by the white and black contrasted square.

Gummee Glove has its own detachable water filled ring, which is firmly secured by an internal popper fixture-but can be removed for easy cleaning and refrigeration.

The Gummee Glove baby mitten is made from 100% cotton and is BPA, Phthalate and Latex free and meets all Australian Standards so you can rest easily knowing your child can safely munch away.

Adding to its practicality, it comes with a little carry bag which converts to a laundry bag. Simply remove the water filled teether, place the mitten in the bag and pop it into the washing machine set on a gentle cycle.

Whether you spell it Gummie, Gummy or Gummey, the Gummee Glove is an essential for all new parents. It is easy to see why this Gummee Glove is one of our most popular baby gifts online.

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