ergoPouch Sleep Onesie - Quill | Tog 3.5


The Sleep Onesie is designed to be worn on its own or with a Layer underneath for comfort. These are the perfect option for toddlers or preschoolers transitioning into a big bed, kids who kick off their blankets, or little ones who don't like the restriction of a sleeping bag.

The 3.5 TOG Sleep Onesie is perfect for cold rooms (14-21°C / 57-70°F)

Why your little one will love the Sleep Onesie

  • TOG-rated so no need for blankets
  • Unbleached organic cotton filling in 2.5 TOG & 3.5 TOG pouches
  • Stretchy jersey arms on the 2.5 TOG & 3.5 TOG pouch to keep little ones snug on cold nights
  • Foot and hand cuffs to pop over little toes and fingers on cool nights - In sizes 6-12M & 12-24M only
  • Three way zipper for easy nappy changes and great during toilet training

The Sleep Onesie meets all safety standards in Australia and New Zealand.

The Sleep Onesie is endorsed by the Eczema Association of Australasia as a skin-friendly product.

GOTS-certified Organic Cotton

Dyed with a non-toxic water based dye

Free room thermometer is included with this product.

Who is it for?

The Sleep Onesie is best suited for little ones who don't like sleeping bags and kids transitioning from cot to big bed.

Please contact us if you are interested in this product.

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