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Your little one is ready to come out of the cot and into the big bed, what an exciting milestone! Big bed transitions come with a lot of changes. There's blanket-training, household hazards and all new furntiure and bedding to consider. And after following the trusty What to Wear guide, you may also be worried about how you keep your mini warm in their new sleep situation. 

Part of the ergoPouch First Bedding Collection, the Convertible Cotton Quilt is a unique year-round quilt, suitable for toddlers or preschoolers transitioning out of their cot, as well as kids in big beds. The Convertible Cotton Quilt comprises two TOG-rated halves that zip apart for use in a cot ('demi' size), and zip together to create a standard-sized quilt for use in a bed. The demi half can be used from 2 years of age for blanket-training in the cot, or on a cot mattress on the floor, along with thr Organic Toddler Pillow. Wear your favourite ergoPouch Sleeping Bag, Suit or Onesie in a lower TOG in conjunction with the quilt while they learn to use their quilt. When your little one is ready for their big bed, simply zip the other demi half of the quilt on, and you've got yourself a single-bed sized quilt. Choose to use as is, or with a single quilt cover over the top (check out the ergoPouch Organic Cotton Quilt Cover and Pillowcase). At this stage, your child can also graduate to our TOG rated Pyjama's without the need for their sleeping bag/suit/onesie.

The all-seasons Convertible Cotton Quilt has been designed with two different TOG-rated halves, so that you don't need to buy a separate summer and winter quilt. The 'Light' half of the quilt is 3.5 TOG (350g) rated, suitable for use in room temperatures over 21℃ (70℉). The 'Warm' half of the quilt is 7.0 TOG (500g) rated, suitable for use in cooler room temperatures under 20℃ (69℉). Simply cover your child's body with the half that is approriate for your room temperature. As the weather changes, swap the halves around. Layer sheets and pyjama TOGs underneath the quilt as needed for extra warmth.

If you're confused, because you've been using a 3.5 TOG Sleeping Bag/Suit for winter, quilt TOG's operate differently to Sleeping Bag/Suit ones. A Sleeping Bag or Suit is TOG rated all over the body, trapping heat inside the bag and therefore keeping them warm at a lower rating. With a quilt, your child is not cocooned all the way around, and air can escape.

The machine-washable Convertible Cotton Quilt makes washing a little easier in the event of overnight accidents or illness. If your child soils the quilt, simply zip off the soiled half and throw it in the washing machine. The remaining clean half can be used on top to get them back to sleep, faster.

Hot tip: If you need a spare demi in either TOG, you can purchase demi halves separately to tailor the quilt to your child's needs. A spare demi is also a lifesaver when one half is in the wash!


For use with a cot from 2 years of age:

1. Unzip the Convertible Cotton Quilt

2. Use appropriate TOG-rated half in the cot, or on a cot mattress on floor (see packaging for temperature guide)

3. Put your child to bed wearing their favourite sleeping bag/suit/onesie in a lower TOG along with the blanket, as the get used to using blanket

4. Add the Organic Toddler Pillow to complete their big-bed-training set up

For use with a single bed:

1. Zip two halves together to form a standard single quilt

2. Add a quilt cover if desired; we suggest the Organic Quilt Cover and Pillowcase set

3. Use the appropriate TOG-rated half, as the half that covers your child's body for sleep (see packaging for temperature guide)

4. Simply rotate the quilt on the bed as the room cools or heats

To wash:

We suggest regularly washing your quilt for a healthier sleep. If only one half needs washing, unzip the quilt to remove the soiled half. The quilt is machine washable. Tumble-dry to maintain loft.

To customise:

The demi-size quilts are also available to purchase separately if you wish to customise the TOG warmth of each half.

Features: +
  • Cot-to-bed Transition
  • Made and filled with organic cotton
  • Non-toxic certified
  • Skin friendly
  • GOTS certified organic cotton
  • Breathable Natural Fibres
  • Adjustable fit
  • TOG-rated for warmth
  • Two-way zip
  • Machine washable
Materials: +

Outer: 100% Organic Cotton

Fill: 100% Organic Cotton

Size & Care: +



Length 105cm, Width 140cm


Length 210cm, Width 140cm


Gentle cold wash, Low tumble dry, Moderately Hot Iron, Drycleanable

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