Curlimals - Bibi the Bunny


Uncurl the cuteness! Curlimals are super cute interactive plush friends that react to you. Bibi is such a bouncy little Bunny! She lives in a cosy little burrow at the foot of the oak tree. She’s fun, lively, and laughs at everything. Pat her on the head to hear super sweet sounds and phrases. Stroke her nose to hear her sneeze and tickle her tummy to hear giggles and laughter. When playtime is over, she will curl up into a ball and as she falls asleep, you’ll hear snoring sounds. Requires 3 x AAA batteries.


  • Talks, makes noises, curls into a ball
  • Responds to you with 50+ sounds & reactions
  • Made from super soft colourful fur
  • Encourages nurturing behaviour and supports emotional development
  • So simple! Gently pat head, stroke nose and tickle tummy to activate

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