Chicco Toothpaste - Strawberry 50ml 12m+ (No Fluoride)


Delicate today, healthy tomorrow.

The new Oral care line by Chicco, extra delicate, respects the sensitive gingival tissue of the little ones and the enamel of the teeth. Chicco toothpaste thanks to the presence of Xylitol, helps prevent tooth decay. Designed specifically for the first dentin, its low abrasive formula is ideal for not damaging them. Contains bio-available calcium. Preservative free.

The Apple-Banana taste is particularly suitable for younger children, perfect during weaning. The Strawberry flavor is instead ideal for older children. You can also find the toothpaste in a practical set available in three colours, ideal for cleaning the teeth even when you are away from home or kindergarten.

Low abravisity: Low abrasiveness tested to avoid damaging the teeth


6-36 months: quantity of toothpaste equal to one grain of rice (rice-size) twice a day, morning and evening.

3-6 years: It is possible to increase the dose to the size of a pea (pea-size) with the same frequency.

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