Chicco Thermogel Breast Pads


Thermogel pads help mothers during breastfeeding to provide relief in cases of mammary engorgement and breast tension. Using your Thermogel before feeding can help stimulate and support the flow of milk, making the moment of breastfeeding as serene a possible. Depending on the need of the mother, thermogel pads can be applied to warm breasts, perhaps wet in warm water to promote the production of milk or cold to quickly relieve any redness. In 2-piece pack.

2 in 1 cold and warm therapy 

Thanks to the specific design of the Thermogel breast pads it can be used warm or cold depending on the need.

Warm use 

Warm therapy relieves mastitis, plugged ducts and encourages milk let-down. Ideal to be used before nursing to soften the breast.

Cold use

Cold therapy relieves redness due to engorgement, swelling and pain.

Soft fabric

Extra cover has soft fabric, creating a gentle and delicate surface for breast skin.

Ergonomic design 

The round and flexible shape allows you to adapt optimally to the breast for high comfort. 

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