Chicco Newborn Natural Feeling Bottle Starter Pack


Lets start with the newborn set 

Everything you need for bottle feeding in one convenient package.

NaturalFeeling is the product line designed by Chicco to accompany your baby's growth and encourage a natural suction, like a mother's breast.

The Chicco Natural Feeling Baby Set contains:

  • Two Natural Feeling baby bottles (one of 150ml and one of 250ml) for a breastfeeding as natural as possible.

  • A Physio Soft 0m + soother to guarantee maximum comfort during suction.

  • A practical brush suitable for an effective bottle cleaning.

0m+ regular flow 

X 2 Angled Teat Bottles. The inclined teat is always full of milk and allows a natural latch and suction, just like their mother's breast. It favours a comfortable position for newborns and the flow makes it ideal for first feedings. The double anti-air valve prevents air intake and guarantees maximum protection against colic and re-flux.

2m+medium flow 

X 2 Angled Teat Bottles. The 250ml bottle has all of the same features as the 150ml above, the difference is in the size. As your infant grows, feeding will change. Babies will start drinking more milk during each feeding, so they won't need to feed as often and will sleep longer at night. Your 2m+ 150ml bottles will come in handy for those larger feeds that baby will need.  

0m+ physio soother 

1 X Soother. The Physio Soother helps baby’s mouth and tongue action to develop properly and satisfies their natural sucking instinct. Extra soft & gentle on the skin.  

The air holes on baby's Physio Soft soother allows the passage of air and reduces the collection of saliva. 

The soft and thin base allows the lips to close naturally. 

Bottle brush 3 in 1 

1 X 3 in 1 Bottle brush. Composed of hygienic nylon bristles that adapt to each bottle and respect every type of surface ensuring deep cleaning.

Brush for teats and accessories 

The handle contains a special brush for cleaning the teats and accessories that limits the risk of tearing.


The handle is a convenient tong to take objects after sterilisation, maintaining hygiene. 

Additional information:

  • BPA free

  • Made in Italy

  • NaturalFeeling & Wellbeing bottles compatible with the Natural Feeling Manual breast pump and the Wellbeing Manual Breast pump. Wellbeing Breast pump compatible only with adapter ring (bought separately).

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