Chicco Natural Sensations - Body Lotion 150ml


Childhood Creams And Lotions Chicco Natural Body Lotion Sensation 150 ml Deeply nourishes the baby's skin from the first use, maintaining the correct degree of hydration. Protects and strengthens the natural barrier of the skin, allowing it to breathe. Leaves skin soft and perfumed Pleasant texture and rapid absorption. Do not oil. If used daily, the skin will be increasingly nourished maintaining a good level of hydration. 24 hour protection * Protects and strengthens the natural defenses of the skin throughout the day. Moisturizing effect Highly tested tolerance * If used daily the skin is fed more and more while maintaining a good hydration in the skin. * Formula suitable for sensitive skin. Paraben free and phenoxyethanol * Without parabens, phenoxyethanol, alcohol, mineral oils or dyes. Approved by Dermatologists and Pediatricians * Tested under medical supervision by renowned independent institutes with very positive results. * Approved by 97% of moms * For 97% leaves the skin feeling soft and silky. * For 95% it is ideal for dry skin. * 100% declares that it is very pleasant and with a very easy texture to apply.

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