Chicco Bottle - Natural Feeling 6m+ 330ml (Fast Flow)


Replicating the instinctive way baby feeds 


A comfortable feeding position for baby! This innovative feeding bottle has changed the game with a 96% acceptance rate, all due to Chicco looking at the natural instinctive way a mothers teat sits and replicating it the best way we can. 

Chicco's natural teat doing things the natural way, so your baby feels comfortable.

Exclusive inclined teat 

The inclined teat is always full of milk and allows a natural latch and suction, just like their mother's breast. It favours a comfortable position for newborns and the slow flow makes it ideal for first feedings.

Protection from colic 

The double anti-air valve prevents air intake and guarantees maximum protection against colic and re-flux.

Easy transition from breast to bottle.

 Additional information:

  • BPA free

  • Made in Italy

  • NaturalFeeling & Wellbeing bottles compatible with the Natural Feeling Manual breast pump and the Wellbeing Manual Breast pump. Wellbeing Breast pump compatible only with adapter ring (bought separately).

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