Chicco Boppy - Total Body Pillow Glacier 3pc


Sleep well During Pregnancy
The modular and flexible design makes it adaptable to various requirements of support that vary during pregnancy and change from one woman to another. The pillow consists of 3 pieces that can be removed and used for the perfect combination. The total body pillow has been developed with the collaboration of the physiotherapist to over total support to the mum's body, filling all of the gaps from head to toes, to offer total support and total wellness to the spine and therefore to the entire body. 

3 in 1 Pillow 
Simple to use because it is equipped with practical Velcro to choose the preferred configuration. Thanks to the modular design it adapts to the needs of the mother during different stages of pregnancy.

Complete Configuration 
Full body support! Supports the head, stomach, hips and legs. 

Head and Abdomen configuration 
Supporting the head, neck, shoulder and stomach.

Leg and Abdomen configuration 
Supporting the mother's stomach, hips, knees and ankles.

Dimensions- Height 32cm | Width 13cm | Length/Depth 36cm | Weight 210g

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