Play Pouch

Bebe Pouch - Denim


Bebé Pouch Denim- an innovative carry-all nappy bag and play mat in one. Spread the Bebé Pouch out for your baby to lay and play on. To pack away the Bebé Pouch, simply close the zip, click the clasp and the Bebé Pouch becomes a slouch bag that holds the toys, rugs, bottles, wipes and more. You and your baby will love the ease of having a play mat and carry all in one. Two pockets will keep the essentials carefully stowed. The padded mat provides a comfortable surface for your baby and when carried as a slouch bag the Bebé Pouch hangs easily over the shoulder or pram leaving your hands free to care for your baby. When open, the Bebé Pouch Denim is approximately 100cm.


  • Made from durable denim, high quality zips and soft cotton inner
  • Handy zip pocket for keys, phone or essentials.
  • Extra pocket for nappies and wipes
  • Crossover Strap for convenience (Perfect for strollers)
  • 100cm diameter when open.
  • Take all you need for baby from A to B in one clever bag that doubles as a play mat!

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