Ginger Monkey

Australian Baby Animal & Gum Tree Wall Art Set


This beautiful Australian baby animal wall decal set is the perfect way to create a native wonderland in your little ones' bedroom or playroom! Ideal for a neutral themed space. Each set includes a stunning collection of watercolour Australian animals and flora.

This set is part of the exclusive range where each animal has been beautifully hand-painted in graphite and watercolour by a local Melbourne artist. These decals are made to look like they have been hand-painted onto your wall.

Each set includes 1 x baby joey (71cm-61cm high), 1 x baby echidna (56cm-40cm high), 1 x baby koala (53cm-46cm high), 1 x baby wombat (49cm-48cm high), 4 x eucalyptus clusters (17cm wide), 6 x gum leaf and gum nut clusters (30-33cm long), 4 x full bloom gum flowers (15-20cm), 4 x gum nut small flowers (12cm) and 12 x individual gum leaves (19cm long).

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